Proverbs 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Dear Parents,                                                                                  10/14/2011




Spelling words:

1.     In

2.     Is

3.     Win

4.     Wig

5.     Wins

6.     Wigs

7.     Wing

8.     Sing

9.     Swing

10.                        Wings



 Thank you to all who made World Food Day a success!  Your donations of time and food are greatly appreciated.  Bring an apple to school day was lots of fun and luckily the apples weren’t around long enough to get into trouble!  Please take time to read the letter we wrote together in the hall.  We pretended we were apples writing a letter to the tree we came from.  I should warn you it is a little sad, the apple knows where it’s going!


You are doing very well with the take home books.  Encourage your child to write a complete sentence when responding to their book.  Remind them it starts with a capital, ends with a period and it has to make sense!  Everyone completed the assignment last week let’s do it again.

Your child brought home a “laptop” computer last week.  They decided that they want to add a mouse to it.  Some have returned them, but I need a couple more.

The poem folder comes home every Friday and usually has some sample of your child’s writing for them to read to you.  Please send it back on Mondays.

The Book Fair has arrived and will be open next week.  Your child will bring home a wish-list on Monday.  It is only a wish-list and you are not obligated to buy anything.  All sales do go to buying new books for classroom libraries and a new CD player for our classroom!

We read in our Bibles this week songs of praise that Moses and his sister Miriam sang when God delivered them from pharoh.  We too praised God for all he has done for us.  We are especially thankful that He guides and protects us even when we aren’t thinking about Him.  Your child often asks to pray for you.  Some of them like to say their own prayers now and those prayers are precious to me and to our Heavenly Father.  Our memory verse for next week is :

“The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving towards all He has made.”  Psalm 145:13

We are practicing being good learners.  I’ve been studying children who seem to learn well so that I can teach children who have a more challenging time how to be a good learner.  I’ve been using a chart with this information to help the whole class grow as learners.  You may want to review it with your child.

Good learners are……

L  ook at the speaker or words

O bey or try something even if it’s  silly

V alue learning . . .know that it is important

I nquire or ask questions to know more

N ever say can’t and never give up

G ive help to others


We continued working on strategies and vocabulary for math.  Ask your child what a prime number is…We have a top secret folder full of them.  Every day we work on time, money and patterns.  Three people have now made it to the hundreds club and one has written to 200!  We continue to count by 2s,3s,5s, and 10s each day. 



Thank you for the donations of envelopes, box tops, and magazines!  We are also in need of TOILET PAPER TUBES to make new pencil caves for October.


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